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The 2024 Season is Underway!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact [email protected] and we will get back to you within 72 hours. 

Tournament Specific

When would you like the $300 from tournament fees?
Once the tournament concludes, please issue a check payable to the BBSA. Additionally, submit a complete roster of all participating teams to the BBSA as soon as possible.

Do we have an idea of what it would cost to have the park district drag the fields?   
You will receive an invoice from the Park District within 10 business days. They charge an hourly rate for manpower and equipment. The fee is $35 per non-Bloomingdale team, with an estimated budget of $30 per team for labor and Park District charges. Please note that this is an estimate and the actual cost may vary. Be prepared to cover the invoice based on your usage of their services. Additionally, we have a hand drag available at the field, which has proven to be very effective in easing the maintenance burden.

 Who will be the point of contact if I need any kind of supplies (chalk, chalker, anything that comes up) during the tournament? 
You will need to talk to the Fields Director before the Tournament. 

Is there a specific allowance for chalk, or should I simply keep track of the number of bags used and pay for them at the end?
Typically, you receive 2 bags of chalk per field per day, which is more than sufficient. After the initial chalking, set the chalk with water to ensure it lasts longer. Throughout the day, only minor touch-ups should be necessary.

I need someone to go over lights with me for the Friday games. What should I do?
Talk to the Field Director prior to the start of the tournament. The lights will remain on until 10:30PM per the Village, BUT we can push it to 10:45pm.

I would like to use the scoreboards, is that an option and can someone go over that with me?
Yes. Please talk to the Field Director. They will get you the scoreboard remotes and go over how to use them. 

Do you still have a PA system? I would like to do the national anthem before the championship games.
This is a request for Board approval. You are welcome to play the National Anthem; however, the Tournament Director usually brings a radio or "boom box" for this purpose at Springfield Park.

I know there used to be a grill in the backroom from when we did tournaments in the past, is that still available? 
There is no grill in the back room. It is against board policy. The tournament director usually brings or rents their own.

Do we need to come up with our own bathroom supplies i.e. toilet paper, soap, etc.? 
Yes. The Park District will supply toilet paper rolls in the morning, but by midday, you may need to replenish the stock in the bathrooms. Typically, only the toilet paper runs low. If the Park District handles the replenishment, you will be charged for it.

When can I get a key to the concession area? 
Please discuss this with Concession Stand Operator.

Are there first aid kits? 
It is your responsibility to ensure that their are first aid kits and ice packs at each field. 

We have someone selling T-shirts. Is there anything specific I need to know?
Will they need power for making T-shirts, or are they selling pre-made ones? Power consumption is the key issue. I recommend providing a tent, tables, and chairs. If they need power, please contact the Field Director prior to the tournament. 

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Bloomingdale Baseball & Softball Association

PO BOX 89 
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Bloomingdale Baseball & Softball Association

PO BOX 89 
Bloomingdale, Illinois 60108

Email: [email protected]
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